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Clothes Stain Remover Dry Cleaning Enzyme Agent Detergent Fabric

Clothes Stain Remover Dry Cleaning Enzyme Agent Detergent Fabric

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Our stain dry cleaning spray is rinse free Cleansing Spray is a product designed to remove a variety of common household stains, including those caused by grease, oil, juice, coffee, and wine. It is formulated with professional-strength stain-removing detergent. The product can be used on non-washable fabrics such as carpets, sofas, chairs, curtains, and rugs. It is easy to use, simply spray, set, and wipe, and the stains will be removed instantly. The product is perfect for water.

Product Descriptions

Size: 150ml
Product Ingredients: Coenzyme, surfactant, additive, emulsifier deionized water
Properties: This product is made from plant raw materials and a variety of active substances in the water. Smells good, does not corrode, does not hurt the fabric. There are many functions such as eliminating things. decontamination, dust removal, oil removal Maintenance, etc., there are stains on the fabric, do not need to wash with water, just spray and rub, can be cleaned using the dry cleaning principle Quickly clean clothes such as down jackets and other garments scope of application, fabric sofas, cloth clothes, cloth cabinets, cloth shoes, clothes, curtains, bed sheets, carpets, car interiors, etc. Carpets, curtains, tablecloths, chair cloths, sofa cloths, plush toys
Method Of Use: Shake this product a few times before use. Point the nozzle at the stain and squeeze the foam until it is soaked. Let it sit for 1-5 minutes. Rub your hands several times. or wipe with a towel for heavy stains dry cleaning is recommended. Wipe with a damp cloth, wrung out in a circular motion. and then wipe it with a towel The sofa

Perfect for upholstery, fabric, and carpets

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